Why this kickass all-girls sports team photo is going viral

Think back on a sports pic from when you were a little kid. Embarrassing? Yeah, ours definitely were, as we cheesily grinned while posed with a bat or with our leg perched on a softball. But one team is going to look back on their photo and think, “Yep, we totally ROCKED this.” Because how do you take a badass sports pic? Frozen-style, of course.

The Internet has been going totally wild over a picture of an all-girl’s t-ball team in Edmond, Oklahoma. The team’s name is “Freeze,” so a mom and photographer Betsy Wagner-Gregory took FULL advantage of the Disney reference in the best way possible. And now, the image has been shared thousands of times, KFOR reports.

The girls were decked out in their best Elsa dresses, but this clearly wasn’t just some cutesy girly dress-up party. No, these girls mean BUSINESS (hence the warpaint). Clutching their t-ball gear, these girls have the power of Elsa and more. Look at the tenacity on these little faces:

The dedication! These girls have got their t-ball skills goin’ on, and they want everyone to know it. Don’t mess with Freeze, because they’re a force to be reckoned with. And somehow, they manage to be ADORABLE, too. Freeze, we have a feeling you girls are gonna totally rock your season.

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