Turns out, a spoon is the secret hack to getting a perfect smoky eye

We know Instagram is a great place to get tons of beauty inspo. It’s filled with plenty of #browsonfleek, #thatcontourtho, and #cutcrease, a razor sharp finish to expertly blended shadows. That last one is probably the most difficult to achieve. It’s too common and so heartbreaking to watch all your shadows meld together for a finish that’s more muddy than smoky.

Thankfully, beauty vlogger @beautifoles just showed us the ultimate trick to help us master our shadow goals: using a spoon.

Yes, she got that look with a spoon! Sounds insane right? More like insanely easy. Just place the spoon over your eye and blend your desired crease shade along the edge of the spoon. The sharp line is instantly created. You can see her demo it below:

If you have your doubts about using a spoon to master your cut crease or smoky look, you should still consider adding the utensil to your little bag of beauty tricks. Spoons can be used for a variety of beauty hacks, like curling your lashes and preventing wet mascara from getting on your face. It’s also helpful in finding exactly where you should contour your face. Much like the cut crease hack above, it will help you locate the hollows of your cheekbones and carve out the curve.

If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s a pretty popular hack for winged liner that calls for a spoon. This one is a little tricky to master — some people swear by it, and some people say it makes applying their liner even harder. Cosmo has a good tutorial on these hacks, as well as a pretty comprehensive list of ways to use a spoon in your makeup routine, here.

(Images via Instagram)

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