Check out this seriously spooky ghost photograph taken at the hotel that inspired “The Shining”

Chances are you’ve seen The Shining, and remember that massive hotel with the long hallways and creepy vibes coming from every inch of every room. Stephen King was inspired to write the film after he visited the historic Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which is apparently truly terrifying to this day.

Seriously: Henry Yau from Houston recently went there and captured a ghostly figure at the top of the stairs while he was taking a panoramic view of the elaborate staircase and lobby area.

According to Henry, there was no one in the frame before he took the photo, and he didn’t notice anyone on the stairs during after he snapped the photo either. But sure enough when he went back to review it the next morning, there was something unusual. Henry immediately posted the photo on Facebook, drawing attention to the bizarre figure with a red circle.

Is it a hotel employee who suddenly appeared? Is it photoshopped? Is it really there? Should we be running for our lives? We feel sort of like we should be running for our lives.

Of course, Henry started to do some research and found out about the various rumors that the hotel is genuinely haunted. The TV show Ghost Hunters even went there once to explore paranormal instances where children were seen hiding and playing in the hallways.

The Stanley Hotel website even offers a Haunted History, where it suggests that the ghosts of the former owners still try to run the place. And without a doubt, the current hotel owners definitely have a sense of humor about this whole incident. It’s good for business in fact!

Ghost tours are a pretty popular leisure activity (one of the strangest), so we imagine that even more people will be flocking to the Stanley Hotel in the wake of Henry’s inexplicable sighting.