This middle schooler just saved a life, thanks to a lesson learned from ‘Spongebob SquarePants’

It’s official. Our favorite Krusty Krab employee saves lives. This past week, Brandon Williams,  a 13 year-old with autism who lives in Staten Island, New York, was on his lunch break when his Spongebob obsession came in super-handy. He noticed that a classmate of his, Jessica Pelligrino, had started choking on an apple. While others panicked, he got up and started performing the Heimlich maneuver, something he had seen before in (yes, you guessed it) a Spongebob episode.

I spent a lot of hours in my youth watching television, specifically Spongebob, with my little brother. We would come home after school and watch episode after episode after episode. Although our dad had very little patience for the show, we insisted it was not only hilarious and fun, but smart. And all these years later, I can say with confidence that we were right.

A party was thrown at Brandon’s school to celebrate his heroic actions and the school even offered him a medal, though he insisted that he didn’t need one. As his dad told the Staten Island Advance,“He picks up on things that most of us would miss, and files it all away in his head, and he can recall it all in an instant. That’s how he knew instantly what to do. And we’re glad he did. We’re proud of him”.

Aw, if only we could have more Brandons in the world! We’re grateful to have just the one, if for nothing else, to stand as living proof that all that hours we put in watching Spongebob was time well spent.

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(Images via Nickelodeon and Twitter.)