Ways to spoil your pet, in case you need more ideas

Pets are the best. They’re way more chill to be around than people, they’re super agreeable, and they mostly just want to eat, walk, play and love you forever. It’s hard not to want to spoil someone that loves you more than you love yourself. Which is exactly why we all spoil our pets. Some people spoil their pets more than others, but whatever the level of spoiling, it happens. Because it’s just too hard not to.

So, just in case your dog or cat isn’t spoiled enough already, we’ve rounded up some more ways to let them know you love them with every ounce of your being. You’re welcome, pets.

Bark Box for dogs who love things.

Every month, a new box full of goodies for your dog is sent to your home. It’s exciting for the dog for obvious reasons, but pretty much just as exciting for the humans. New things are always fun. All you have to do is go to Bark Box and choose the size of your dog and a monthly plan. The price ranges from $19/box to $29/box, depending on how many months you sign up for.

A wall maze for cats who are bored with ground mazes.

For $150 on Etsy, you can buy your cats a wall fort. It’ll keep them busy and out of the way. Not that they were ever IN the way.

A couch for dogs and cats who need some alone time. 

Also for humans who need some alone time. My couch is pretty big, but when my fiancée and I are both sprawled out, there isn’t much room for our dog. Plus by the time we sit down on the couch to watch TV, she’s over us. So we bought her her very own matching couch from Costco for around $40. Now she can be her own boss. Problem solved.

Homemade dog biscuits for dogs who are over store-bought biscuits.

Dogs can tell the difference between store-bought treats and treats that are lovingly homemade. Just kidding — they definitely can’t. But it’s still a nice gesture and a healthy and cheaper alternative.

Ball launcher for humans who don’t feel like throwing.

The Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher is as awesome as it sounds. It sort of looks like the original Super Soaker water gun, except instead of shooting water, it shoots balls. You can play fetch with your dog for hours without getting tired — at least without your arm getting tired. The rest of you might still get tired though. Grab one on Amazon for $31.53.

A fence window, because dogs need to know what’s up in the neighborhood.

The Pet Peek retails for $36.73 and is the cutest, most efficient way for your dog to see what the neighbor dogs are up to — you know, instead of just barking at them out of curious frustration.

Dog beer, because sometimes dogs need to let off some steam too.

It sounds not real, but dog beer is very real. Bowser Beer is a nonalcoholic, meat infused, totally safe beverage for dogs. It’s currently out of stock, but probably worth the wait. If not for your own dog, then at least as a joke for your friend’s dog.

LED dog collars for dogs who stay up late.

Dogs want to play outside any chance they get. If their human doesn’t get home until after the sun goes down, playing outside in the dark can be fun, but also dangerous. The Glowdoggie LED collar allows your dog to always be seen in the night time. If you want, you can wear one too — for safety. They retail for $52.99.

A pet high chair, because pets are part of the family too.

Our pets are our children (basically), and we wouldn’t put our kids on the floor to eat, right (serious question, I don’t have kids yet)? With a pet high chair, there will be no more meals eaten alone — for you AND for your pet. You can choose between four different colors — each around $50 on Amazon.

A sauna, because sometimes dogs get cold.

Chances are you don’t have your own private sauna, nor will you ever have your own private sauna. Which is fine — 99.9% of the population doesn’t either. But your dog or cat? They definitely need their own heated spa bed, because they don’t have the luxury of putting on a sweater when they’re cold. The Fauna Sauna is pricey at $450 to $550, but if you buy it, your animal will be warm forever. Or you could just let their fur grow out. Either way.

A dog hammock for pure relaxation.

You can purchase this bamboo dog hammock here for $199. Pricey, but you guys. . . look at the level of happiness these animals have achieved. If you really want your dog or cat to love life (and you), this might be the way.

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