The beautiful way Captain Kirk just paid tribute to Mr. Spock

Earlier this month, William Shatner put out a call to action on Twitter, asking his followers to submit selfies of themselves doing the Vulcan salute. Of course, when Captain Kirk makes a request like that, you comply — and now, we know the amazing reason why.

On Monday, Shatner posted a mosaic of Leonard Nimoy (aka the original Mr. Spock) to Twitter made entirely out of the user-submitted selfies. The image is a beautiful tribute both to the iconic character and to the man who brought him to life, and our hearts are full just knowing it exists. Nimoy died earlier this year, but the image proves that his memory and his legacy live on forever through his work and the many lives he’s touched. It’s an incredible thing to behold.

According to Shatner, the tribute was made as part of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (aka GISHWHES), an annual, week-long, global event started by Supernatural‘s Misha Collins. During GISHWHES, 15-person teams are given a list of “items,” from making Christmas trees fly to performing sock puppet plays in children’s hospitals. We’re unsure what the specific prompt was that led to the Nimoy tribute, but we couldn’t be happier that it came to fruition.

The portrait includes over 6,000 photos, and was put together with the help of CBS, Picture Mosaics, Steven Kirk, and Soundwaves. Shatner went on to say he had also submitted the mosaic for consideration for a Guinness World Record — a five-time feat for GISHWHES participants — and we think it’s more than worthy of acknowledgement. Check out the final product for yourself below.

(Image via Twitter, NBC)

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