Is split-dyed hair the next big color trend?

Confession: I have rainbow hair. I’ve been bleaching and dyeing naturally black locks myself (with one exception) for about three years now, and have worn pretty much every color and variation on the rainbow. For the past year now, I’ve also had two-toned hair; right now, it’s orangey-pink at the roots, and then fades into dull teal tips. (Note to self: Touch up dye.) But even for someone like me, this latest hair trend seems pretty extreme.

Like pixellated hair before it, split-dyed hair is a lot more visible on the Internet than it is in real life. Unlike, say, what I have, a person’s hair is even split in color down a center part — aka, two sets of roots to constantly touch up, versus one. It’s certainly a head-turning look, and when coupled with rainbow hair in general, it can lead to some very colorful hair concoctions.

Lest you believe we’re all being duped by Photoshop and/or wigs, a quick glance through Instagram’s #splitdyedhair and #splitdyed tags shows a variety of girls and women rocking a whole spectrum of color combinations. Some might be taking inspiration from the candy-colored hair of kawaii anime characters…

…while others might be channeling more of a punk-ish influence…

…while others are just content rocking their offbeat hair in a more low key manner.

And of course, you don’t have to be dyeing hair to get the split effect. Contrast bleach vs. non-bleached hair to channel Cruella de Vil (in looks, not actions).

And of course…

…if you can do one big split between your hair colors, why not blend in more?

Just be careful not to color all of your clothes, your bathroom, your kitchen, your house in general, other peoples’ clothes, etc. in the process, and be kind to yourself as you’re going through the process! (Here are some good guides on the subject.) Now dye away, you shining beauty boundary-pushing mermaid-unicorn sprites.

(Images via here, here, here, here, and here.)

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