Spiritualize Your Sanity and Watch Your Life Transform

When I started to write books about spirituality for the modern woman, the last thing I expected was to have a lifestyle and personality overhaul. Though lord knows I needed it! Indeed, lord, spirits, guides, angels and the fairies at the bottom of the garden knew I needed it. Everybody knew I needed it, except, of course for little old me!

Prior to my spiritual makeover, I had been trundling along a late twenties, alcohol-fueled path of denial. I was happily partying the nights away as though I were still a 19-year-old freshman at university, whilst somehow making it through the weeks without losing my job or collapsing from party-related exhaustion. The fact that your twenties are the new teens was no longer working out to my advantage!

My debauched life suddenly stopped being so much fun, and you may know that feeling yourself. Looking back, I can clearly see the signs and the symptoms: living for the weekend, finding solace in partying, becoming obsessed with appearance and generally, slowly spiraling into a shadow of my soul.

With the fun truly vanished, I fell into what I can only now describe as a rut. Doctors may say I was depressed, but I’ve always been an optimist and even in the depths of my rut, I knew there was a better way. I was just very confused about how to find it. At my lowest point, I did not realize there was anything wrong with me. Indeed, as far as I was concerned, it was everyone and everything else that was causing me the heartache and mental trauma I was continually the victim of. In my hazy opinion, my boyfriend was to blame, my job was to blame, my teachers at school ten years previously were to blame… anybody but me.

My route out of this emotional mess was somewhat unique. Having spent my childhood surrounded by a patchwork quilt of religion and spiritual thought, I ended up digging out that quilt and turning it into my very own comfort blanket. And what a difference it made to my life. I now live a sane and stress-free existence and I have spiritual living to thank for it.

So how did spirituality catapult me out of the very big and dark rut I had dug myself into? Well, to start, I awoke one morning with an overwhelming urge to learn about Buddhism. From here, I wanted to know more and I literally embraced spirituality, or at least I embraced my own spirituality, my very personal version of it. I explored many ancient belief systems such as Kaballah, Wicca and Shamanism, alongside healing techniques and divination tools such as tarot, palmistry and astrology. I took what felt right to me, experimented with it and watched my life slowly transform from monotonous to marvelous in less than a year. My first book, The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment, documents that blossoming, whilst the book that followed,The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, shows me taking all that learning and making it my very own.

Within all this frenzy of spiritual learning and book writing, I found my sanity. I realized the power had always been in my own hands, and that blaming others does nothing but divert the issue. The issue is always our own, it is always internal and it is only ever us who can transform our inner life. Spiritual living was like a refresh button for my life. I didn’t need to affiliate myself with any religion or set of rules, I just allowed the magic of ‘something more to life’ to come in and sweep away the cobwebs. It didn’t happen overnight and there were many a lesson learned. But I got there in the end.

I am convinced that some form of spirituality is a wonderful accessory to any woman’s life. My own DIY approach to faith has massively improved my happiness, career and relationships. In my experience, spirituality (of many kinds) is an untapped resource that, once accessed, can be hugely and fantastically transformative! It worked for me and dragged me from the depths of self-induced gloom, so I know what a terrific life enhancer it can be. My very own spirituality has given me a fantastic contented life that is attainable, wholesome, healthy and happy. Spirituality has set the stage for my perfect life and I could not ask for more.

Quick fixes for Spiritual Sanity

Shut the noise off – turn off TVs, radios and iPods and just listen to the world around you. See what inspirations or intriguing thoughts come to you when you give your mind a chance to be itself.

Try one alternative healing technique in place of your usual beauty treat. Swap a massage for Reiki, or your facial for a crystal healing session.

Read something spiritual. It need not be a religious tome or the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are plenty of interesting modern day writers catering to all kinds of spiritual tastes. Go with your ‘little voice’ and see what the ‘world as you don’t know it’ has to say.

Be in nature, see nature and appreciate nature. It’s so easy in our urban jungles to forget that nature exists or that we are guests here on this wonderful planet. Take an hour a week to prune your plants, watch the sky or sit in a field. Be in nature and breathe.

Think positive and picture your life as you wish it to be. I do this regularly and have found that as I set my intent for the kind of life I would like, so it happens. It is amazing, it is true. My life is a better place to live with the power of belief.

Choose to have faith. Just choose it. And ask for signs. Just ask, ask the air, ask the angels, ask the universe! Be prepared to believe the signs that arrive for you.

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