Your cup of joe doesn’t have to be average anymore, thanks to this booze-infused coffee

How many mornings have you woken up, brewed yourself a fine cup of joe, and immediately wished your coffee cup was spiked with liquor? We could be projecting. But the idea of booze-infused coffee is one we can fully get behind: In this case, we’re not talking a coffee with Bailey’s, we’re talking a ground bag of coffee that’s already got the spirits infused into the beans.

The masterminds behind this alcohol-infused coffee are the people at Fire Department Coffee, who have placed their fingers on the pulse of what we need to become a morning person.

Now we can kick off our day with a coffee AND booze boost that will make our coworkers say, “Um, how are you so wired on a Monday?”

Unless, of course, they’re already in on the secret.

Depending on your poison of choice, Fire Department Coffee has three different booze-infused blends: tequila, rum, and bourbon.

They come in 1-pound bags and are sold for $20 a piece. Which is a pretty good deal when you consider you’re getting two drinks in one.

This also seems like a great option for the holidays and weekends where you’re day-drinking with friends.

What do you think? Are you down to get your drink on first thing in the morning?

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