Spike your mocha latte with these 5 types of alcohol

If you’re like us, simple black coffee just doesn’t cut it in the winter. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or family over the holidays or need a pick-me-up on a snowy weekend morning, a dessert drink like a mocha latte is often in order.

So if you’re looking for festive cocktail ideas, consider adding a bit of booze to your mocha latte!

Science has already proven that chocolate and coffee make an excellent combo, but the addition of alcohol to a mocha latte can make it even better. For those times when a plain cup of joe won’t do, here are the best alcohols to spike your mocha latte.

Baileys Irish Cream

Because of its creamy taste and notes of chocolate and nuts, Baileys is almost like an alcoholic coffee creamer. In fact, Baileys is so delicious, people even add it to ice cream and milkshakes.


Made of rum and coffee liquor, Kahlua will blend seamlessly right into a mocha latte with just the teeniest bit of edge to remind you that (hello!) there’s liquor inside.


If you want to turn your mocha latte into an adult peppermint mocha latte, all you need to do is add a little bit of peppermint schnapps, and voilà! Instant flavor change. Cinnamon flavored schnapps would also work just as well.


When you’re in the mood for a stiff drink alongside your caffeine, whiskey is in order! The mocha also takes the edge off of some of the bitterness that comes with drinking whiskey straight.


While we tend to associate vodka with margaritas and other chilled cocktails, vodka works well inside of warm drinks as well. You’ll get the perks of liquor without the booze-forward taste.

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