Working for Tony Stark sounds like the *worst* internship ever in the latest “Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer

Oh, the joy — and the pain — of landing an internship! If you’ve ever been an intern, you know that it can be the best of times, and it can also be the worst of times. Long hours, little to no pay, and sometimes you’re barely even recognized as someone *working* at the company? Ooof. It’s no fun. And it appears it’s especially not great to be an intern at Stark Industries.

While a Stark Industries internship might be *our* dream, it is the bane of Peter Park’s existence in the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. He’s proven himself to Tony Stark once before (as Peter calls it, he hung out with Tony during a “retreat,” which is code for, “I went to Germany and fought Team Captain America“) the training wheels are back on now. Tony has Peter doing normal, mundane, every-day acts of heroism around NYC instead of fighting the forces of evil. Boring. All Peter wants to do is stop a moving bus or like, fight off bank robbers.

Whatever Tony has Peter doing, it doesn’t sound like your typical internship for school credit. Then again, Peter Parker isn’t your typical high school student.

The trailer also gives us like, 10 more glorious seconds of Zenday’s Mary-Jane Watson Michelle and the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Donald Glover. Glover’s character is still very much a mystery for right now, but listen, at least we have him in a Spider-Man movie, that’s all we could ever ask for.


So go ahead and reconsider if you really want your own summer internship at Stark Industries. Then again, you’ve got to do something to pass the time between now and July 7th.