Spider-Man Tom Holland wore Zendaya’s clothes, smashing gender norms in the process

While gender doesn’t mean much when it comes to how you present yourself, social constructs are still pretty convinced that it does. That’s why it’s so refreshing to know that when Spider-Man co-stars Zendaya and Tom Holland shared clothing, it wasn’t Tom sharing his clothing with Zendaya, but Zendaya sharing hers with Tom.

Perhaps the cutest co-stars ever, these two seem to be close friends…or at least close enough to share clothing.

According to Holland’s Instagram story, the actor decided to spruce up and wear a leather jacket. But not just any leather jacket — Zendaya’s leather jacket. Though jackets have no gender, we’re still pretty proud of Tom for being comfortable enough in his masculinity to openly wear a piece of womenswear belonging to his co-star.

The black leather motorcycle jacket looks perfect on Tom, who paired it with a graphic black and white button-down for extra rockabilly vibes. With the hair to match, the Spider-Man star looked every bit the heartthrob. All while proving that a good leather jacket is an indispensable part of any wardrobe.

Both Tom and Zendaya seem to throughly enjoy each other’s company, while mutually supporting each other in the process, whether on Instagram or the red carpet. After all, we wouldn’t trust just anyone with wearing our leather jacket. But we think Zendaya was right: it’s in good hands with Tom.

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