This old video of the Spice Girls standing up to a sexist director is absolutely incredible

If there’s one thing that we took away from the ’90s it’s that Girl Power was well and truly alive. Obviously we’re talking about the Spice Girls. In fact, the band’s enduring power can still be felt today, as this clip of the Spice Girls taking down a sexist video director shows.

This year has seen the Spice Girls celebrate 22 years since they slayed our entire existence with “Wannabe” and their debut album Spice. We still marvel at the fact that the video for “Say You’ll Be There” is the one of the most important feminist manifestos dedicated to film. There was something so powerful growing up in the time of the Spice Girls that we’ll never forget. And still, over 20 years later, their message of female solidarity and friendship is being shared around the world.

Now this old video of the Spice Girls shutting down the director of a Polaroid advert they were filming is being shared on Twitter and it’s still so damn important.

In the clip, the band can be seen questioning two men asking some pretty important questions.

"Why did you ask that," Mel B (aka Scary Spice) says, approaching the two men. "To have our cleavage and our midriff showing?"

Responding to this, the director responds in a typically sexist way:

"It's every man's fantasy," he replies.

Obviously, this was COMPLETELY the wrong thing to say to five strong, independent women.

Having none of it, the band let their feelings about showing off more skin very, very known.

"You're a chauvinistic pig," Geri Horner née Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) says. "That's such an easy cop-out."

The girls, who are dressed in school uniforms, then go on to explain that you wouldn’t “show your tits at school.”

"I understand that in advertising you're thinking sexy sexy," Geri continues, "but have you not heard of less-is-more anyway? You should know better. What sort of example is that?"

The director continues to argue that it’s for all the young men out there, which only aggravates the band more. So annoyed, they leave the video shoot.

Watch the incredible video below.


"Can you show a little cleavage and midriff and we say, 'No! Girl Power!'"

Now watch the commercial (which actually features very little of the Spice Girls or their “cleavage and midriffs”.

Given that sexism in the entertainment industry and in general is still very much a problem, what with the gender wage gap and countless stories of inappropriate behavior in the workplace, stars like Mila Kunis are writing essays about how their awful experiences, taking a leaf out of the Spice Girls’ book.

However, as the above video proves, Girl Power and the influence of the Spice Girls isn’t to be overlooked. In fact, in 2018 it feels like we could do with another injection with the power of the all things Spice.

Now excuse us while we go and listen to nothing but the Spice Girls for the rest of 2018…

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