Mel B says Victoria Beckham is dragging her feet reuniting with the Spice Girls, and ugh, just say you’ll be there

It’s a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme: Victoria Beckham is reluctant to participate in a the Spice Girls reunion tour. Mel B is doubling down on her previous claims about the Spice Girls reunion tour, admitted that it has been hard to get Beckham on board.

While there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding a potential Spice Girls reunion, Mel B — aka Scary Spice — is standing by her previous claims that the girl group would be reuniting. During a recent appearance on British morning show Loose Women, she maintained that the Spice Girls would be reuniting, remaining carefully vague in her wording. Per Reuters, she revealed, “For sure we are getting back together.”

She added that while getting Beckham to say she’ll be there has been tough, it looks like she’s almost there.

Mel B said that Beckham is “getting roped in,” which could mean a litany of different things…but it definitely could mean they’re going on tour. Opening up about her relationship with her former (or current?) bandmates, Mel B likened them to “sisters,” saying, “We’re sisters at the end of the day and what we went through was quite an amazing, brilliant, journey so we’re together, we’re back together.”

Rumors that the “Wannabe” singers would be reuniting were fueled in February after the five women and their former manager Simon Fuller reunited, and Beckham posted a photo from the reunion. Her representatives later vehemently denied rumors that she’d be going on tour.

However, Mel B has continued to hype up the tour in recent months, telling Hoda Kotb in June that while Beckham is “always” denying a Spice Girls reunion, this time the reunion is happening. Mel B said, “She’s always saying that. Stop it. We are touring. Should I have really said that out loud? Yes, we are going to be doing performances together for sure.” At this point, it’s largely plausible that Mel B is trying to will the Spice Girls reunion tour into existence — and honestly, it’s a pretty creative plan. None of the other Spice Girls have confirmed or denied Mel B’s insistence on another reunion tour just yet, so we’re hoping this time it’s actually happening…because our lives desperately need to be spiced up.