Cider and Spice is the “hot” new hair color for winter, and it’s deliciously gorgeous

If your tresses need a winter warm-up, the new cider and spice hair color trend might be just the thing for you.

Flavor-inspired hair color names — like caramel, lavender, honey blonde and even cream soda — are having a major moment. The latest hot look is called “cider and spice,” and it will entice you with its gorgeous sweet and spicy tones.

California-based balayage specialist and salon owner Ryan Weeden coined the term to describe the multi-tone warm auburn, blonde, and brunette combo. It really does look like a cup of delicious apple cider with a stick of cinnamon swirled in, and it’s a wearable look for any hair type, length, texture, or skin tone.

Ryan told Allure that aspiring cider-heads should ask their colorists for “a natural, multidimensional color with warmer tones and bright, ashy accents of blonde woven throughout.” He cautions, “Creating this natural, seamless balayage is not everyone’s specialty, so make sure you feel 100% comfortable that your expectations can be met, otherwise, it can go terribly wrong.” Gulp. Scary thought. At least it’s beret season? But seriously, leave it to the pros and don’t try this at home.

Warm with a wave.

A mid-length cut and beachy waves are a great way to show off the dimensional shade. Heads up, colorists. We think your clients will be bringing this pic into the salon this season.

A little bit blonde, a little bit red.

Okay, this shade is definitely yummy. We have major hair envy. We’re sure we’ll see a lot more of it soon.

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