The internet was outraged at the idea of spending $750 on a facial and, hey, we get it

We all know some beauty products and procedures are expensive, but we also know they don’t have to be. The internet, aka Reddit, was outraged at the idea of spending $750 on a facial and, hey, we get it. We so get it. Yes, people took to Reddit after seeing a YouTube video where women went to get facials, costing $17 to $750, reported Refinery29.

What’s the $750 facial option, you may wonder? Is it made of gold?!

Well, sort of. Some of it contains 24-karat gold, according to the YouTube video, which you can watch below. It’s called the “Cleopatra Facial” — yup, after Cleopatra herself, according to a woman in the video. She allegedly used gold daily. The woman also says the gold is “Anti-aging, producing your own collagen.”

But, as we all know, there are many non-gold facial options out there.

For instance, Kylie Jenner uses a facial beauty mist — that’s only seven dollars! (And, tbh, she can afford to spend a lot more than that!) Plus, there are always inexpensive DIY face masks that work wonders for our skin.

So…$750 for a facial?!

You can check out the vid here, courtesy of BuzzFeedYellow, and see if you are convinced.

Many redditors were not having the spending-$750-for-a-facial.

“A fool and their money are easily parted, said redditor Wonderplace.

Another had similar feelings.

“Most of the stuff that’s actually good for your skin is super basic and cheap,” said redditor Jupiter178, who went on to list examples, such as a hot shower (i.e., steam to open pores) and a moisturizer. “That’s why the people with the gold and the truffles and all that nonsense have to dress it up with all the pseudoscience,” Jupiter178 said. “They know that you’re paying $740 extra for, at best, a placebo effect.”

As for us, we know there’s a lot of other things we can spend $750 on — #cheapfacialgoals. Agreed?! But you can watch the above and decide for yourself.