Proof that Spencer and Caleb always had chemistry on “PLL”

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that something secret and possibly very sexy happened between Spencer and Caleb during the five years that were skipped between seasons 6A and 6B of Pretty Little Liars. The promo for next week’s episode implies that both Melissa and Hanna will be cornering Spencer about her feelings for what used to be half of the Haleb, but it’s still unclear if these two are doing the dirty.

The PLL fandom is having mixed reactions. Many people flat out refuse to accept #Spaleb.

Some are warming to the idea.

While others are all for it.

Maybe Spencer and Caleb aren’t such a random pairing. It’s been five years since high school and over three years since Hanna and Caleb split. Plus, Spaleb has always had great chemistry.

Look at them sharing that Hastings love seat, all the way back in season three.


Or breaking into a recently deceased Maya’s surprisingly secure vlogging website.


Have you ever noticed that Spencer and Caleb are so buddy-buddy that they always touch each other’s arms when they say goodbye?


Now you can never un-notice it.


Let’s not forget, Spencer was the only person who knew how to pull Caleb out of his crazy whiskey-haze cabin life, post-Ravenswood.


And Spencer and Caleb are by far the most competent detectives on the show. Remember Barrel-gate 2014?


Their sudden, overwhelming attraction for each other may have surprised even them.


Spencer even said in season five that if Caleb could be bottled, it would be called, “Essence of Best Boyfriend.”


So if sparks are flying, who are we to fight it?


(Images via Freeform)