Calling all Plastics: this beauty brand is releasing a “Mean Girls”-themed brush set

Is there anything better than when a beauty brand creates a collection inspired by one of our all time favorite movies? Our hearts are racing with excitement over the news that Spectrum Collections is debuting a Mean Girls brush set that is completely evocative of the spirit of the film. We can’t wait for it to be available, it seriously couldn’t be cuter.

There is a lot of Mean Girls action out in the zeitgeist these days, with a collab in the works with Storybook Cosmetics and a Broadway musical on the horizon. The addition of this brush set just adds to our excitement.

The Spectrum Collections x Mean Girls collaboration will be available on August 30th.

It will include a 10-piece Mean Girls set for $64.84 and it comes with the pouch bag. There will also be a 10-piece Mean Girls set with a mini Burn Book bag (that you can also use as a handbag) for $103.76. Plus, a full-size Burn Book brush book for $64.84, and it can hold up to 40 brushes. That’s only for the book. You can also buy the single acrylic brush pot for $19.99 and a triple acrylic brush pot for $32.41.

Everyone’s scrambling to get as much information as possible about the line, and luckily Spectrum Collections is generously giving us all the details in their comments section.



Several fans were concerned to hear that Spectrum Collections would be releasing a Mean Girls collab around the same time as Storybook Cosmetics, but both these brands set their minds at ease.



Nothing to worry about here. Storybook hinted that they are working on a palette and that Spectrum’s new brushes would be perfect for their palette.

We can all enjoy both of these collaborations and reap the rewards of all these goodies. And how gorgeous are these ombré-handled brushes? We need them immediately.

Luckily, this collection will be around for a while so if you want it, just start saving those pennies up and it can be yours. Are you as thrilled as the rest of us?

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