Speckle nails are the perfectly imperfect nail art trend you can master with shaky hands

Have you always been tempted by Instagram-approved nail art trends, but shy away from recreating them because they require the steadiest hands ever? We feel you. The level of precision and intricacy needed for trends like lemon nails is no joke.

With that in mind, we’re happy to report that the current nail art trend taking over Instagram requires the opposite of precision. See: speckle nails. This artsy design doesn’t need (and actually looks better without) symmetry or perfection, and seems made for those of us with minimal patience and concentration for more precise designs.

What’s involved instead? Well, just random dots, really (in alternating sizes, too). Meant to look like splatters of paint, speckle nails are the nail art trend we’re hopping on board with ASAP. Browse our favorites on Instagram below.


If they’re good enough for Allure editor in chief and nail art pro Michelle Lee, they’re good enough for us.


Love the effect on top of nude polish.


Throw some color in for an extra-artsy feel.


A touch of gold makes this feel so luxe.


We told you—just keep adding dots at random.


Robin egg blue nails that look like, well, an actual robin’s egg.


Pastel Easter vibes work for summer, too.


The perfect way to kick your gel mani up a notch.

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