So many special guests joined host James Franco on last night’s “SNL,” and fans were losing it

Last night, The Disaster Artist star and director James Franco hosted SNL. And, as usual, he brought the house down. It was his fourth time hosting, which we know because of his special audience question and answer period. An audience member in an orange sweater asked why James had hosted four times now, when his pal Seth Rogen had only hosted twice. That audience member? It was, indeed, Seth Rogen. The celeb appearances just kept coming, with Jonah Hill showing up to sit next to Seth. Steve Martin was also in the audience, and so was Bill Nye the Science Guy.

People were ecstatic to see so many celeb friends out to support James Franco, and going wild on Twitter. But perhaps the most intriguing appearance was by his younger brother Dave! Everyone loves Dave Franco by now, so it was a real treat when he appeared in a sketch alongside his older brother. That’s when people really started freaking out over the episode.

GIFs and clips of the show made it up online pretty quickly, and James’ joke to Seth about how his solo movies get Oscar nominations while Seth’s get stoner award nominations was tweeted out by SNL.

The whole episode was awesome — and James Franco and his one million celebrity guests killed it.

Check out all their appearances below.

After, Jonah Hill popped up and made a joke about how he was just there to see musical guest SZA.

Later, Steve Martin waved from the audience. false

Finally, Little Davey came out for a sketch appearance.

Fans loved it.

Seems like it was a really fun show! We’ve got a major case of FOMO now. Where was our invite?

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