An ode to the short-lived (but wonderful) besties you meet at bars

When you’re single, checking out potential love interests at a bar is fun, of course. But in most instances you end up just nodding like a bobblehead because you can’t hear and you also can’t yell, “Wha!?” into the person’s ear one more time without being annoying. The more underrated and enjoyable interactions at a bar are often those you have when you head to the bathroom and meet the other ladies who also have to pee so bad omg. She loves your shoes. You both agree this line is moving soooo slowly.How can you not bond over this shared experience?

For all of the girls I’ve swapped numbers with, made plans to get brunch with, and/or talked about hopes and dreams with as we do a pee pee dance, this one’s for you. For the most part, these friendships are fleeting, partially because they’re sponsored by Absolut or Fireball. But they’re fun and special, nonetheless.

Here’s to you, Noel. We met probably four months ago, but I still have your number in my phone. I’ll never forget how you stood up for me when some girl tried to cut me in line after I had been waiting for what felt like hours to relieve myself. Your loyalty was as strong as if we had gone to sleep away camp together.

Fear pulsed through my veins as the brash girl turned around and spat, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” when I called her out as she went for the open stall, which was not rightfully hers.

“She was here first!” you bravely volunteered, pointing at me, and then you hissed “GO!” in my ear and pushed me. I went in for the kill, locking the stall door behind me as I heard you exchanging words with the bully, who was infuriated as she realized her plan had been foiled.

It’s also for you, Sarah, who was dressed as a loofah on Halloween. We actually met in line outside a bar, not in a bathroom, but it still counts. We were both freezing as we waited to get into that place. Sheets of rain pelted us and we combined our two friend groups together as we huddled for warmth. We were strangers, bonded by a holiday, a crappy forecast, and an appreciation of each other’s costumes. We talked about our jobs, and you promised to read my blog. I feel confident that you did. You said it like you meant it.

It’s for you too, Britney. I gave you an oil-blotting sheet and our connection was cemented. Your friends were trying to make you go to an amusement park the next day and you hate rollercoasters. So do I! We were both from New York! We both went to journalism school! The world is a crazy place. I hope you’re well and that you found someone to stay safely on the ground with you as your pals tackled the Mind Eraser.

So, girls I bond with in line at bars, as I scroll through my contacts, then pause and think, “Wait, I know a Celeste?” and instantly remember our interaction from the previous weekend, I’ll always look back on our time together fondly. Yep, this one’s for you guys. Cheers.