How Facebook came together to give two people in love the wedding they deserved

Everybody deserves a special wedding, even those who can’t afford it. Cindy Cody, a resident of Moody, Alabama, wanted to give her son, Daniel, and his girlfriend of 13 years, Belinda, the wedding of their dreams. There was just one problem: she couldn’t afford it. Both Daniel and Belinda have cerebral palsy, and have both lived lives of stress and compromise. A wedding would give them the opportunity to, at least for a day, live a fairy tale life.

So Cody took to Facebook. In a Facebook group, she began rallying friends and family to raise funds for the wedding. She wrote:

Of course, friends and strangers alike were happy to oblige. Hundreds of people chipped into the cause, including creating a GoFundMe page, and their generous efforts covered the cost of the event space, the food, rings, and even a special van that could transport Belinda and Daniel. “Everything from the dresses to the venue to the food [was covered] it was so amazing,” Cody told a local news outlet.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, the wedding was a huge success. The kindness of strangers, it really never fails to bring a tear to our eye. Congratulations Daniel and Belinda.

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