“Spank therapy” is apparently a thing, and here’s what that means

So, it’s Monday morning, and we’re talking about spanking. Spanking therapy, to be exact. Are there things you don’t know about spanking therapy? Yeah, us too. Like everything. But thanks to a recent MarieClaire.com article, we just learned a thing or two. First thing’s first: spanking can be a very exciting way to let loose and enjoy an intense physical and emotional release. It might seem awkward to talk about, but let’s be open to the possibilities.

"Spanking can enhance excitement and physical sensations; increase adrenalin, endorphins, and oxytocin; explore and maybe push the line between pleasure and pain; increase intimacy and bonding," psychotherapist and sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora shared with the site.

And even though the inclusion of the word “spanking” definitely makes it sound like an exclusive bedroom activity, researchers explain that the act of spanking can provide overall stress relief. “Still others describe the stress release as an escape from self-awareness and compulsive thinking and processing of emotions,” Pitagora continued.

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And there we have it: therapy. Sort of.

Apparently the feeling of either being in control (the spanker) or releasing control (the person getting spanked), combined with being in an intimate space with someone you’re close to, encourages participants to let go of their inhibitions.

"It feels good to be totally in control, and sometimes it's nice to be totally submissive. Power play is a way to break free from the roles we're trapped in during our everyday lives, and it can be a powerful release," Sandra LaMorgese, PhD, shared with Marie Claire.

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As far as spanking therapy actually helping someone deal with a trauma in their life, that’s an ongoing conversation amongst researchers — though some are quick to sing its praises. “Just Google ‘spanking therapy’— it’s all focused on positivity, healing, and working through issues in a safe, supportive space,” LaMorgese says. “Think of it as a form of massage.”

Challenge accepted! We just Googled “spanking therapy.”

The third result that came up was “Spanking for Wellness: holistic spanking therapy for health, healing and happiness.”

Okay then! It’s a thing.

There’s no need to rush into trying this if it doesn’t sound like it’s for you — and you should always respect your own and your partner’s boundaries when engaging in anything bedroom-related. But if this does sound like something that could be pleasurable or emotionally helpful, then know you are absolutely not alone, and more power to you.