Forget about Pizza Rat. We’re in love with Spaghetti Rat

Remember when Pizza Rat was all the rage a couple of weeks ago? And we all claimed it to be our soulmate/patronus/true selves? Of course you do, Pizza Rat was amazing. And listen, who wouldn’t hold onto their pizza for dear life? We are all protective of our food and we all should be. Basically, we are Pizza Rat and/or Joey Tribbiani protecting his sandwich when a car backfires.

Remember this little guy?

This all being said, we have a new rat to fawn over. Spaghetti Rat. A video from last year has resurfaced and it features an adorable baby rat (named Baby, just to make it easy on us all) eating spaghetti. For some reason, even though the video is over a year old, it has just caught the world’s attention. I guess we have Pizza Rat to thank for this new rats-eating-food-we-love trend.

The video currently has over 200,000 views on YouTube and even though we cannot explain WHY people love watching adorable animals eat delicious food, we cannot disagree with it.

You go, Spaghetti Rat. You live our dream life.

Image and video via YouTube.