Some pretty amazing “Spaceballs 2” posters just appeared in NYC

Like peanut butter and jelly, or Mary Kate and Ashley, Star Wars and Spaceballs just go together. Considering that we have a new Star Wars, it only makes sense that a new Spaceballs movie shouldn’t be that far behind, right? RIGHT?

Mel Brooks — who hilarious wrote, directed, and stared in the film — even jokes in the movie that the eventual sequel will be titled: Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. That search might soon be over, because not only has Brooks recently gone on the record saying that he’d eventually make a Spaceballs sequel, but he’d do it right after Star Wars.

That time is now. Start getting excited, because  Spaceballs 2: The Teaser Poster has arrived.

One Schwartz-sensitive human being recently spotted this pic in a New York City subway, and we’re only freaking out a little. It IS about time the Schwartz awakens — and with an even greater helmet!! Dark Helmet’s helmet has clearly gone through the funeral pyre a few times. Do you think his grandson talks to it, too??

But, before you get too excited and break out Spaceballs: The Flamethrower, there’s no official confirmation that Spaceballs 2 is actually a go. Last we heard, Brooks was still only thinking about it, even though it’s a really, REALLY good idea. These posters are probably nothing more than overzealous Spaceballs fan getting a little hyped up about the idea of a sequel and on a quest to spread Spaceballs: The Gospel.

Or, this is actually the best way to announce that Spaceballs 2 is happening. There’s no official word from Brooks as of yet, so cross your fingers this means that soon, Lone Star’s Winnebago is going to fly back into our hearts.