This incredible tunnel takes you to the depths of space and we wanna go

2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the greatest sci–fi films ever made. Not only is the film visually stunning, but the thought-provoking storyline and outer space mystery make it unforgettable. Now, people can feel like they’re traveling into space — just like in the movie.


Watch the hypnotizing video below.

This incredible tunnel from LG Electronics at the IFA 2016 exhibition in Berlin, Germany is taking people into the depths of space. We’re pretty sure people will leave feeling like they just rocketed out of Earth and into Stanley Kubrick’s iconic space movie, but IRL.

With its record–breaking size of 5 meters tall and 15 meters long, the OLED Tunnel has nearly a half billion pixels to display mesmerizing images and videos. All we can say is, tech yeah!

You can see the ocean’s captivating ecosystems, Iceland’s Aurora Borealis and, best of all, deep space footage. A video named “From Black to Black” was produced by LG to bring footage to life:

The company revealed on their website that they wanted to “accentuate the lifelike colors and the ability to recreate the minuscule details of life.”

The video includes captivating footage of “the black ocean with effervescent jellyfish and the gentle movements of whales, as well as scenes from deep black space and the Northern Lights on a black sky,” as LG puts it.


One thing rings true — the “From Black to Black” video puts you in a trance just by watching it on your computer. We can only imagine what it’s like to walk through the massive tunnel and see the footage come to life.

LG hopes visitors feel as if “they are swimming in the ocean or floating in the Milky Way.” We’re forever going to be jealous of all the IFA attendees who get to experience the incredible tunnel this year.

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