Attention “Space Jam” fans: a live read is happening during NBA All-Star weekend

As Space Jam is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the NBA has big plans to commemorate the eventSpace Jam, a film starring Michael Jordan, the Looney Tunes, and Bill Murray (in a brief but important cameo), will be honored with a Live Read in Toronto during the NBA All-Star Weekend. The February 13 event was announced on the Tiff Next Wave Festival’s web page.

“In celebration of Space Jam’s 20th anniversary and the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto on February 14, TIFF Next Wave presents a live read of this Looney Tunes/​live-action mashup with an exciting lineup of talent from the sports and entertainment worlds. Stay “tooned” via social media for cast announcements!”

No information has been shared about who will be participating in the live read, but TIFF’s wording already has people trying to guess who might be involved in the production. Michael Jordan will most likely participate, and the A.V. Club has been discussing the possibility of Lebron James’ involvement in a Space Jam reprisal since he appeared in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck.

But as CBS Sports points out, this isn’t the first live read of Space Jam to take place, and considering the last one featured Nick Kroll, Seth Green, and Paul Scheer along with many, many others, we are very hopeful that this one will be just as good! And if they are able to get Bill Murray to reprise his role as “Hapless Basketball Player,” I think this version could steal first place as best Space Jam live read ever, because that’s a title that’s officially up for grabs.

Tickets go on sale for non-TIFF members on Wednesday, so if you’re going to be in Toronto, snag tickets while you can!

(Image via Warner Bros.)