Space hair is here, and it’s totally out of this world

At first, we were just dying our hair fun different colors, like green and purple and blue. Then, we were actually dying our hair to a theme, like fire hair with brilliant, vibrant reds and oranges. And then there was pearl hair, and it made the hair on our heads look like a semi-precious stone. Oh, and let’s not ever forget oil slick hair —a method of dyeing hair that gives brunettes that glistening rainbow color you see on the pavement after it’s rained. But now we’ve got the latest hair dyeing trend that combines ALL the colors of the rainbow, and shoots them off into space. Dyed space hair is here, and it’s got us feeling like heart-eye emojis for days.

The awesome thing about space hair is that you’ve literally got a whole galaxy of inspiration ahead (above?) of you. Want your hair to look like your favorite planet? What about moon? Nebula? A cluster of stars? All of those things are possible — and that’s made possibly by some amazing Pravana products that totally lock in color and keep it from running amok on your head. Pravana knows whats up, and it’s the night sky.

Quickly search through Instagram for anything tagged as “#galaxyhair” or “#spacehair” and everything is, well, out of this world (also since the Internet is funny, there are lots of pictures of River Song tagged with #spacehair, too).

There are so many deep blues and purples to see, along with touches of pink, green, and even a beautiful grey. These are all colors that you can find in the sky, and for some of them, you don’t even need a telescope. Because, how about hair inspired by the majestic Northern Lights? Yeah, we thought you’d be into that.

Space hair includes everything in the atmosphere, don’t you forget. Looking for something more along the lines of a breathtakingly beautiful sunset? Done and done.

Yes to everything about this. I think the proper word for it is, “obsessed.” I suddenly have a huge urge to make a hair appointment.

Images via Instagram

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