A Southwest Airlines flight underwent an emergency landing after the engine exploded, and the photos are terrifying

News just broke that a Southwest Airlines flight has made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after its engine seemingly exploded in mid-air, knocking out a window on the plane.

The situation reportedly occurred on Flight 1380 from New York City to Dallas, Texas, and CBS News reports that, the flight “landed safely at PHL and passengers are being brought into the terminal.” Aerial footage appears to show damage on the left side of the plane, thought it’s still unknown exactly why the engine failure occurred.

Passenger Marty Martinez recorded part of the flight on his phone and posted it to Facebook Live in the below video. He added, “Something is wrong with our plane! It appears we are going down! Emergency landing!! Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas!!”

Martinez also said there was “blood everywhere,” though we cannot confirm the reason for it at this time. However, local media outlets have confirmed that at least one passenger has been taken to the hospital, though their condition is currently unknown.

However, we can confirm that the photos of the damage are terrifying.

One passenger named Timothy Bourman told philly.com that he was sitting in the back of the plane when, “All the sudden, it felt like we dropped 100 feet. A lot of people started panicking and yelling, just real scared.” He said they were then told to brace for impact. “We’re just all really thankful to be alive right now,” he said. “Thankful to God, thankful to that pilot.”

We’ll be monitoring this situation as it develops.