We have a disturbing update about that South Carolina clown creeping in the woods

When did clowns go from being fun, goofy, innocent entertainment to terrifying, murderous nightmares?

Oh, we know when…

Around the time they started lurking in the woods in South Carolina, trying to lure unsuspecting kids into who-knows-what kind of fresh hell, that’s when.

Since the first spottings of the clowns in the woods in Greenville, South Carolina last week, the media has gone berzerk trying to get to the bottom of the scary situation. Now, MORE clowns have turned up, some say as far north as Ohio.

A Reuters report on Yahoo News claims, “One clown showed up on a roadside in a rain poncho, another waved money at children near woods,” yet authorities have yet to officially confirm any of the sightings. But it’s pretty scary nonetheless. Some residents in neighboring communities claim the clowns have been knocking on doors, and the sightings are becoming more and more common.


(Not the actual clown)

Excuse me while I never sleep again.

Rumors are flying that the growing creepiness is just a publicity stunt for a recently released horror movie. Esquire suggests, “Some are speculating that the sightings may be part of a guerilla marketing campaign for Rob Zombie’s new movie, 31, about a group of sadistic, murderous clowns that torture their victims before gruesomely killing them.”

The timing lines up, but it makes it very hard to explain this photo taken by Greenville resident, Kevin Thoman, and posted to Twitter:

Of course, the photo hasn’t been proven to be authentic, but if even a tiny smidge of any of this story is true, we’re bound to be traumatized for life.