“Soundwave tattoos” will allow you to have (and play) your favorite recording on you at all times

As if technology wasn’t already blowing our minds these days, it’s done it again. You will soon be able to get a tattoo of your favorite sound or song, so you can listen to it forever. Sounds confusing and impossible, but also the coolest thing ever? Let us explain.

People get tattoos for lots of reasons, but the most common reason is probably because they want to remember someone, something, or an idea that means a lot to them for all of eternity. The ink has always just been an image, because that’s how ink works. But thanks to Skin Motion, soundwave tattoos are ones you can actually hear.

Combining art and technology, Skin Motion allows you to get up to a minute of audio tattooed anywhere on your body.

The company will soon be launching an app that will let you to play and hear recordings on your mobile device by simply scanning your tattoo.

All you need to do is record an audio clip you want memorialized and upload it to the Skin Motion app. A soundwave is then generated, and one of the many certified tattoo artists from around the world can then ink you with your specific soundwave.

Not only do you get to save a really important audio clip forever, but you get a pretty rad looking tattoo to go along with it.


You can hear a minute of your favorite song on demand for the rest of your life (or as long as the company/app still exists). Or you can save a clip of your baby giggling, your mom’s voice, or your dog’s bark. The options are endless.

To get on the waitlist to be one of the first people to receive a soundwave tattoo (aka the coolest tattoo of all time), sign up here.

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