Today in ‘Sound of Music’ news: The von Trapp grandchildren formed a rad indie band

The Trapp Family singers, who inspired both the film and play, Sound of Music, seem to have mustered a fourth-generation comeback. Grandchildren of the legendary Werner von Trapp (Sofia, Amanda, August and Emily), have formed an indie band called The von Trapps.

Sound of Music legacy aside, what makes these four family members so special is their ability to collaborate. I know — the words “family” and “collaborate” are a feared combination for some of us, but The von Trapps seem to master it swimmingly. After fourteen years of touring together, they told Rolling Stone that collaborating “is both a challenge and a thrilling discovery.” Their debut song, “Dancing In Gold,” is a testament to their abilities.

With its ’60s-inspired sound, “Dancing in Gold” is one of those bouncy songs that takes you back to sun-bleached summer days in the Brady Bunch neighborhood. But don’t let the song’s lightness fool you. It’s a lyrically beautiful tune that speaks to a challenge we can all relate to.

“[“Dancing in Gold” is about] embracing the imperfections of youth,” the band told RS. “It’s for everyone who feels constrained by their years and needs to remember that the world is overwhelming for everyone, and taking the right amount of time to grow up is better than trying to pretend you don’t need to”.

Alright, that sentiment resonates almost too well. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait very long to hear their full collection of music. The von Trapps plan on releasing their first EP, appropriately titled Dancing in Gold, on April 14th. This marks the first of three EPs The von Trapps plan on releasing within the next two years. For now, you can listen to “Dancing in Gold” right here and pretend to twirl gloriously on top of a hill.

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