Every dancer in the ‘Sorry’ video wore the same MAC lipstick shade, and we need it

The dancers from Justin Bieber’s amazing ’90s throwback vid “Sorry” have discovered the answer to the eternal makeup mystery – finding a shade of red lipstick that looks equally amazing on all skin tones.

But what’s even more incredible is that all 13 dancers in “Sorry” not only used the same color (MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $17), but they all got it from the same lone tube, choreographer Parris Goebel tells Refinery29.

“Everyone did their own hair and makeup, but the lipstick was the one thing they had in common,” she says (well, that, and dancing for Justin Bieber).

Goebel says she picked Ruby Woo, a matte red with blue undertones, because it was a “classic red . . . that suits everyone’s skin tone.” Well, sign us up!

Because of the craziness of choreographing and shooting the music video, she just made an executive lipstick decision, and voila! A baker’s dozen of dancers with a serious red pout.

She tells Refinery that the dancers were predictably not shy about all applying the lipstick from the same tube without sanitizing first. We’re worried about the dancing, not germs,” she says simply.

Now excuse us while we go run to the nearest MAC counter and score a tube of Ruby Woo and spend all weekend practicing our dance moves. This just might be the perfect shade.

[Images from Youtube and Mac]

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