Sorry we can’t hang out on March 13, we’ll be seeing ‘Cinderella’

Sure, we might not know what we’re having for dinner tonight, but we already have a movie date planned four months in the future. The upcoming Cinderella movie is coming (it officially has a trailer!) and it looks totally fabulous — as if we’d expected anything less.

Disney is quite fond of its updated live-action fairy tales right now (see, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, even Into the Woods,) and this version of Cinderella is yet another one we can add to the list. It looks like it will have the classic Cinderella elements that we know and love, including some mice sidekicks and a clock that strikes midnight. It also has a vibrant color palate and some pretty big names attached to the film, like Cate Blanchett who will play the evil Lady Tremaine, and Lily James (who plays Lady Rose on Downton Abbey) as Cinderella herself. Plus, the movie is directed by Thor director/Shakespearean aficionado Kenneth Branagh.

That’s not all, it also seems the movie is going to bring us some updates. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Branagh said that Cinderella won’t be painted as the victim in this version of the story. “From the inside out, we see a girl who does not see herself as a victim. She’s her own gal and she’s good company,” he stated, “She redefines goodness, I think, in the performance and she makes it sexy, and cool, and playful.” While I don’t think the world necessarily needs a “sexier” Cinderella, it would be very nice to see this heroine take her happy ending into her own hands.

Rounding out the cast: Helena Bonham Carter plays the Fairy Godmother (perfect choice) and the dashing prince is none other than Game of Throne‘s Robb Stark, aka Richard Madden (also perfect choice). The only other thing this movie is going to need is a performance of “Sing Sweet Nightingale.”

Check out the trailer below to hold you over till March 13, 2015.

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