Sophie Turner will “forever regret” the outfit she wore to Kit Harington’s wedding

We’ve all worn outfits that we look back upon and think, “That was certainly a choice.” In fact, no one is safe from bad fashion—not even those among us who have stylists. Sophie Turner, for example, has one major fashion regret and it’s about the outfit she wore to her Game of Thrones costars, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington’s, 2018 wedding.

Turner, who appears on the April cover of Elle UK, sat down with the publication to play a game called “It’s A Mood.” The actress was shown images of herself from various events wearing a multitude of different fashions and was asked to react. When she was shown a picture of herself and BFF Thrones costar Maisie Williams rocking up to the Leslie-Harington wedding, Turner cringed, and cringed hard.

“Oh no,” she groaned when she saw the pic. Turner wore a red blazer dress with black thigh-high boots to the event. “I’ll forever regret this look. One of my worst looks.”


“I had a fashion emergency,” Turner explained. “Both of my really classy dresses that I picked out did not fit me.” She said that both dresses showed up the day of the wedding, therefore she was out of time to tailor.

She continued, “It was either the thigh-high boots or these nice heels. But I felt like if I just wore the heels all of my leg is showing, if I cover up a little bit then…It was a disaster. Worst fashion choice.”

Luckily, Turner has had made more than enough great fashion choices to cancel this one out.

Even though she wasn’t feeling her ‘fit, Turner still had a great time at the wedding. “Maisie is a great wedding date,” she told Elle UK. “The best wedding date next to Joe [Jonas].”

Like we said, we’ve all been there. You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you just have to forget what you’re wearing because you’re having a great time at your friend’s wedding.

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