Sophie Turner pretends to be Jon Snow singing Adele’s “Hello” and it’s so bizarre

Up until now, we knew this about Sophie Turner: She plays bratty-tween-turned-bad-ass-survivor on Game of Thrones, she has red hair, and she is very tall. Now, thanks to Net-A-Porter’s latest video for their digital magazine The Edit, we can also say that she has a true gift for applying Jon Snow’s angsty vibes to pretty much anything — even an Adele song. Even the Adele song.

Honestly, just watching Sophie nail the Jon Snow delivery of, “To go over… everythehn“would be enough for us, but no. There is so much more in this video. It is overflowing with weirdness. Beautiful, beautiful weirdness. 

Not to be outdone by her own Jon Snow impression, Sophie is then tasked with embodying several of her favorite X-Men characters, namely Wolverine and Professor X. Props are involved. It is so realistic, you’ll find yourself wondering, “Wait a minute — wasn’t I just watching a simple Youtube video? How have I been transported into a movie theater showing the very latest and very exclusive X-Men Mutants film?!

And finally, there is the lip sync portion of this whole exercise, which Net-A-Porter has dubbed “The Challenge,” but which we refer to as, “Fall deeply in love with Sophie Turner in under 5 minutes ha ha just kidding kind of but also Sophie let’s be best friends please?”

We won’t give away too much about the lip sync portion, but we will tell you that it’s featuring the vocals of a certain pop singer whose name rhymes with “fever.”

Oh my god you guys, we are so amped for the return of Game of Thrones now.