Sophie Turner poured out her heart to Kit Harington when she thought Jon Snow was really dead

We’re still recovering from the whole Jon-Snow-is-alive reveal that happened earlier this season on Game of Thrones. Actor Kit Harington played the long con, and he played it well. So well, in fact, that even his GoT co-stars were convinced his storyline was finished. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, thought their time working together was over, so she wrote him an emotional goodbye letter.

“It was so sweet. It was such a heartfelt letter,” he said. “[It read] ‘I loved working for you,’ [it was] a really long letter. An adorable letter, and it made me laugh so much.”

So, after Turner poured her heart out, did Harington let her in on the secret? No way! He still kept the truth under wraps, while she went on believing that Jon Snow was gone for good. Poor girl.

“And even after she gave it to me, I didn’t tell her,” he continued. “I read it and said, ‘Thank you so much for the letter.’”

Way harsh, Tai! But we know, you had to play it cool. Of course, now that the truth is out, Harington still hasn’t let Turner live the moment down.

“He was like, ‘Your letter’s so funny, I’ve still got it, it’s hilarious,’” Turner said of the letter last month on This Morning. “He does it to just take the mickey out of me now and he shows it to people. I was really gullible. Everybody dies [on GoT], so I thought, ‘Another one bites the dust.’”

We’re just glad that Jon Snow is still around. Oh, and we’re definitely going to need to see a copy of that letter ASAP.