Sophie Turner Is Also Being “Slayed” By Mariah Carey’s Christmas Music

The Queen in the North posted a lip-sync video to the Queen of Christmas's "O Holy Night."

On Sunday, December 6th, Sophie Turner posted an Instagram Story performing an emotional lip-sync to Mariah Carey’s rendition of “O Holy Night,” thereby proving our theory that no one—not even Sansa Stark, the Queen in the North—is immune to the spirit of the Queen of Christmas. We love when queens support queens, don’t you?

In the clip, Turner, festooned in a Christmas-themed filter, dramatically reacts/lip syncs to Carey’s song blasting in the background. Which looks exactly like every Sunday night in December in our own households.

@MariahCarey just slaying my life once again, Turner captioned her Story video. My religion. Same. 

“O Holy Night” first appeared on Carey’s canonical 1994 holiday album Merry Christmas. But, like pretty much all of Carey’s Christmas songs, it remains an inescapable (but festive!) force in supermarkets, malls, waiting rooms, and the prison of our own minds from October through January each year.  

And just like Turner, we’re often forced to stop everything we’re doing and perform when this bop enters the Christmas playlist chat.

This year, Carey blessed us with even more holiday cheer with Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special, a star-studded variety show that aired on December 4th on Apple TV+. If you haven’t already watched it for some reason we couldn’t possibly understand, here is the official synopsis: 

“Faced with a holiday cheer crisis, the North Pole knows there’s only one person who can save the day: Santa’s great friend, Mariah Carey. Combining musical performances, dynamic dancing and groundbreaking animation, the undisputed Queen of Christmas jumps into action to create a holiday spectacular to make the whole world merry.”   

Celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Billy Eichner, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Misty Copeland, and Ariana Grande—the only person we’re currently aware of who can match Carey’s outlandish whistle tones—also make appearances in the holiday special, which we (and, we would venture to guess, Sophie Turner) will be watching on a loop until New Year.

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