Newlyweds Sophie Turner and Katharine McPhee joked about honeymooning together, and can we come too?

We may not have scored an invite to Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s wedding in France or David Foster and Katharine McPhee’s London nuptials, but it seems these celeb couples are plagued by a few uninvited guests on their respective honeymoons—the paparazzi. Paps are trying to snag photos of the newlyweds as they enjoy a little quality time together, presumably away from the glare of the spotlight. Instead of being (understandably) annoyed at their presence as she and Foster vacation aboard a yacht in Southern Europe, American Idol alum McPhee took to Twitter to request that the photographers instead stalk Turner and Jonas, who are apparently enjoying their honeymoon nearby. Of course, Queen of Social Media Sophie Turner had the absolute best response.

Even though she’s shared some joyous and gorgeous wedding photos, it seems the paparazzi still want more, so on Tuesday, July 2nd, McPhee addressed them directly, writing, “To the pack of paps stalking me while I’m in the middle of the ocean in Europe—Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are just two yachts over. Please focus on what truly matters.”

The next day, the Game of Thrones star responded, joking about the foursome’s group honeymoon in Cabo, and we seriously have FOMO over this. false

Of course, we know both Turner and McPhee are joking—in fact, McPhee confirmed it to E! News —but we feel like the four of them on one honeymoon would be the most epic vacation ever. We volunteer to serve as travel agent if they need a group honeymoon planner.

Seriously, feel free to call us, guys—as long as we score an invite, we’re so in. We promise to find a paparazzi-free location. What do ya say? We’ll meet you at the swim-up bar.

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