Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Recreated This Viral ‘Kardashians’ Scene, and LOL

Joe is simply trying to "appreciate his bread."

“Rise and shine” walked so “I’m gonna get wasted” could run. Kylie Jenner debuted yet another hit single during a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and it’s so good that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas (among other celebs) had no choice but to lip sync to it and throw it up on social media.

In a video Jonas captioned “WaAaSsSstEDDDD,” he and Turner reenact the now-iconic scene in which Jenner sings a cheery tune about how she just finished a “cold cup of 42” and asks her older sister Kourtney Kardashian what she’s “on.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, so I’m just appreciating my bread,” Kardashian responds before taking a bite of her bread.

Sub out Jenner for Turner, Kardashian for Jonas, and ice cream for bread, and you have the miracle that is the below video.

Turner and Jonas aren’t the only ones to take on the “I’m gonna get wasted” challenge after the October 8th episode of KUWTK aired. Bella Hadid also posted her rendition on Instagram, tagging Jenner in the caption, and it was immediately Jenner-Kardashian approved.

The original clip is just as hilarious as the lip-synced versions. In the episode, the family was in the middle of a tense trip to Palm Springs and, while out at dinner, Jenner had just polished off her first glass of Don Julio 1942 (on the rocks with ginger ale).

After ordering her second glass, the rest is history.

Should Turner and Jonas take on the other Jenner-famous tune “rise and shine” next? Perhaps with their new baby stepping in for Stormi’s role as “child in crib”? We think that at this point, after nailing “I’m gonna get wasted,” it’s only right.

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