Sophie Turner Just Really Wants You to Wear Your Mask

"If I can wear a mask while I give birth, you can wear a mask at Walmart."

Sophie Turner is just really tired. She’s tired of asking people to wear their masks, and she’s not being quiet about it. The Game of Thrones star and new mom took to her Instagram Stories yesterday, December 17th, with a bit of a spicy message.

Looking all cozy at home (probably with husband Joe Jonas and their little one nearby), Turner very calmly said, “If I can wear a mask while giving birth, you can wear a mask at Walmart.” Oh but she didn’t stop there. For her mic drop moment, she added, “And that’s the tea.”

Truly, she is not wrong!

This isn’t the first time Turner—and Jonas— have asked people to put on their dang masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve spilled the tea a few times, including back in August, also on Instagram Stories.

Turner gave birth to her first child, Willa, during the COVID-19 pandemic in July in Los Angeles. California, in particular, has seen horrifying rates of COVID-19 infections and has been under tight restrictions to remain inside and masked. Turner seemed happy to comply with the restrictions, even while she was in labor. While her plea to the public could have been loud, brash, or laden with curses (it happens to the best of us), instead it was calm and honest.

Known for getting real, Turner tends to drop wisdom on Instagram—alongside adorable photos of course. Alas, she hasn’t yet shared that coveted picture of Willa that we’re all hoping for. Thus far we’ve only caught glimpses of the parents out with a stroller, and we just want to see her! Perhaps Turner is waiting for everyone to mask up so COVID-19 can be a thing of the past. You heard her, everyone, put on a mask!

And that’s the tea.

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