Sophie Turner’s insane glasses are our new party must-have

Sophie Turner is not just badass Sansa Stark, she’s also a fashionista in her own right. Of course, some of her fashion choices she shares on Instagram might make the more weary raise an eyebrow (or two), but we can’t help but get a kick out of her silly side… which include these insane party glasses:

Those glasses really “light up” the place, don’t you think?

Spotted in the Instagram post are her beautiful locks, which she recently dyed platinum blonde in a look that made us think immediately of another powerful female from Game of Thrones: Queen Daenerys. We’re sure that she’ll be soon sporting the red hair again so she can return to her signature Sansa-style locks, but she looks awesome as a blonde for now.


For those of us angling for more Sansa Stark appearances, we will have to wait until at least the summer when the beloved show returns.

According to IMDB, the film is about a solitary older man in Florida who develops a “questionable” relationship with high school student Josie (played by Sophie Turner). Sophie’s never been one to shy away from complicated roles, and we’re certain she’ll give this one every bit of nuance she’s given Sansa Stark.