Sophie Turner’s impression of Kit Harington dancing is comedic gold

After Game of Thrones ~slayed~ the competition at the Emmys this weekend, guess what the cast and crew did to celebrate? Partied HARD, of course (their words)! And what better way to celebrate 38 freakin’ Emmy Awards than with your closest pals out on the dance floor?

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner, divulged a little ~insider info~ about how multi-talented her fellow co-stars truly are.

“Who is the best dancer in the cast?”


Maisie may be the queen of the dance floor, according to Sophie, but then who would be the king?

Kit Harrington, apparently.


And, because Sophie is the amazing person that she is, she demonstrated Kit’s ~moves~ for us and, well, it’s wonderful.

This is what Kit Harington would look like “Dancing in the Dark, y’all.”

And Sophie’s description seems PRETTY DAMN ACCURATE. Imagine this is Kit.


However, Sophie explained that when it comes to her own dancing, “I try, I’m dedicated, I’m passionate. I put my energy into it, it’s never good, but the dedication is there.” We’re sure Sophie’s dancing is just as good as anyone on Thrones, even the King in the North.

You can check out the entire video of Sophie dancing like Kit here.

Now WHERE can we see an actual video of Kit Harington dancing like Bruce Springsteen?!?!

Countin’ on you, Sophie!