Sophie Turner is SO high-fashion in her latest Instagram

Sophie Turner can transform into anyone. I mean, she’s so crazy talented that even her characters can transform over time. Like, Sansa Stark used to be kinda boy-obsessed and weak and has become a total heartbreaker and super powerful in her own right. Basically, she can do anything including transform into a positively high-fashion supermodel in a simple Instagram post like this one:

She looks totally stunning while modeling some completely gorgeous Miu Miu pieces. She and her tagged friend and stylist Rebecca Corbin Murray were totally sweet to take a moment and snap a picture in the beautiful outfits so we could all feel like we were sharing in the luxurious high-fashion life.

The only thing conspicuously missing from this post is, of course, are her deep red locks. But that could just be the lighting or angle or filter. Not that it matters at all since she’s still totally blows you away in a playful and simple pic.

Oh and to make the whole thing even more exotic, she tagged herself in Paris, France.

*Le sigh*

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