Sophie Turner just shared the trippiest picture of herself in Electric Ladyland

Sophie Turner is having an amazing year already. Between her character’s incredible transformation this year on Game of Thrones into a very distinctly different woman than we first met to her soaring success of X-Men: Apocalypse, she’s been totally delightful to watch and follow.

And now this fascinating personality has traveled to a just as fascinating location and shared a completely mesmerizing picture.

No caption is needed to enjoy all the psychedelic sweetness happening in this picture. The star was at a museum of fluorescent art in Amsterdam known as Electric Ladyland (perfectly named after, it seems, Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 album). The museum boasts totally hypnotic and gorgeous exhibits that shine in their gorgeous fluorescent glory under certain lights. In the picture, Sophie is sitting happily surrounded by the unique colors and sporting the appropriate ’60s-theme peace signs.

TBH, posting this totally makes us want to go there, stat (bonus points if Sophie sticks around so we can meet her, but not required). The museum looks completely stunning and would be incredible to experience IRL.

We love that the actress is clearly taking some well-earned R&R as she gears up for another undoubtedly busy rest of her year.