Sophie Turner has a death wish for Sansa Stark on “Game of Thrones”

[Warning: Some Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.]

The dwindling numbers in House Stark has been one of the most heart-wrenching parts of watching Game of Thrones. Ever since the head of the household, Ned, lost…well… his literal head, his courageous and heroic family have been diligently fighting for good and justice to be restored in the realm. And they’ve been paying the price with their lives every step of the way.

So it’s hard to cheer for another death in House Stark. Yet Sophie Turner (who plays the quiet pawn turned strong-willed leader Sansa Stark) is wishing for just that. In a recent interview with The Wall Street JournalSophie said that she doesn’t want her character to survive. She made the case that, “When you’re on a show like Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?”

We, of course, would beg to differ with Sophie Turner, at least on poor Sansa’s behalf. We’ve watched Sansa grow up, suffer horrendous torture and loss, and grow into her own powerful nature in front of our eyes. The last thing we want to is to see her tragically die, even if might mean she joins her beloved family in the afterlife.


Mostly because (especially if her half-brother Jon Snow remains deceased) then we would only have really one less long-standing main character to root for. And then we’ll have to get even more nervous every time one of our favorites is in perilous danger (even if some have giant dragon protectors.)


The good news at least is that we know that at least Sansa survived the giant fall she and Theon Greyjoy took off the Winterfell castle wall, which, especially as it’s not in the books, was a legitimate concern for a while. And there’s nothing in any trailers to indicate that she’s in a particularly grave amount of danger, although the after-effects of her brutal marriage to Ramsay Bolton are sure to haunt her. Hopefully, there’s a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for Sansa, since there have been hints that Brienne of Tarth may have caught up to her and will finally be able to fulfill her vow to Catelyn Stark to protect her children.

The other good news is that actors on the show don’t get a lot of information or influence over what happens to their character. Sophie Turner admits that the show writers, who work with the world creator George R.R. Martin, only give the actors their scripts before filming, divulging specific information only if and when it is needed. So as much as the actress may want a dramatic death scene, it will likely have no bearing on whether or not she’ll actually get one after all. Which is (at least for now) a major relief.


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