Sophie Turner shut down Piers Morgan after he claimed celebrities are trying to make mental illness “fashionable”

Conservative pundit Piers Morgan has become infamous for his negative (and unwelcome) Twitter takes. Whether he’s fat-shaming actresses or calling dads “emasculated” for carrying their own children, Morgan often incites outrage on social media. So when Morgan recently belittled celebrities for speaking out about their mental health problems, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner quickly shut him down.

The spat began this morning, January 9th, when Morgan retweeted an article in which English actress Beverley Callard cautioned against celebrities trying to make mental health struggles seem “fashionable.” In his tweet, Morgan made it clear that he agreed with Callard, writing, “it’s 100% true.”

Turner noticed his comment and clapped back—hard. She pointed out how important it is for people in the public eye to be honest about mental illness now more than ever.

"Or maybe they have a platform to speak out about it and help get rid of the stigma of mental illness which affects 1 in 4 people in UK [sic] per year," she wrote. "But please go ahead and shun them back into silence. Twat."


According to the World Health Organization, 25% of the world’s population will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lives, but nearly two-thirds of people with a mental illness won’t seek help. Perhaps Morgan should actually think (or at the very least, research) before he spouts off such potentially harmful and baseless opinions.

Thanks for using your platform for good, Sophie. We’re positive you—and all celebrities who speak candidly and openly about their struggles with mental health—are making a difference.

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