Sophie Turner Had a Harsh Clapback for “Creepy” Paparazzi Taking Pictures of Her Daughter

"It's disgusting and you do not have my permission."

Since giving birth to daughter Willa in July 2020, Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas have made the conscious decision to keep her offline. In fact, it was months after Willa’s birth that we even got pictures of a pregnant Sophie Turner. However, their mission to keep their daughter’s identity private was sabotaged yesterday, May 12th, after a paparazzi published pictures of Willa on the internet without Turner’s or Jonas’s consent, and Turner is not okay with it.

“I just woke up,” Turner began in a since-deleted video posted to her Instagram Stories yesterday. “I guess yesterday some paparazzi managed to get a picture of my daughter and I. And I just want to say that the reason that I have been not posting pictures of my daughter and making sure that we can avoid paparazzi at all costs is because I explicitly do not want those photos out there.”

Turner continued, She is my daughter. She did not ask for this life, to be photographed. It’s fucking creepy that grown old men taking pictures of a baby without their permission.

“I’m sickened, I’m disgusted, and I’m respectfully asking everyone to stop following us around and stop trying to take pictures of our daughter and especially printing them,” she said. “It’s disgusting and you do not have my permission.”

Taking anyone’s photo without consent is not okay, but when that someone is a child who cannot consent…that’s when the line is crossed. Though Turner has explicitly said she does not give permission to paparazzi to photograph her daughter, it’s also up to us to stay uninterested so that the paparazzi don’t feel the need to fill a void. As long as we’re on Turner’s and Jonas’s side, hopefully this invasion of privacy won’t happen again.

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