Sophie Turner from “Games of Thrones” says she went through a “dark place” when it came to body image

As someone who has personally struggled with body image for years and battled anorexia nervosa, when I read about Sophie Turner’s body image issues in People, I felt for her.

“I went through a bit of a dark place, I was not happy with myself,” Turner admitted in Net-A-Porter’s EDIT magazine. “I think for me, and for every young girl out there, body image is such a big thing, especially if you are in the public eye. People comment on [your appearance] and… Eugh.”

Eugh is right.

Sophie Turner’s experience with body image is a magnified version of something many women face. After all, she is constantly in the public eye. There are websites devoted to her every look — and they aren’t always positive. But we think it’s really brave of Turner to talk about these issues openly, where we can all learn from her.

Luckily, Turner turned her anxiety into a tool. To prepare for her role as Jean Grey in the new X-Men: Apocalypse, she worked with a production-mandated personal trainer. This changed her entire outlook on herself.

“When I was forced to get into shape and eat healthily, my skin cleared up and I felt energetic all the time,” Turner said. “It totally changed me.”

We’re so glad Turner was able to find her way out of that dark place and strike a balance that’s left her healthy and happy.

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