In honor of Sophie Turner’s birthday, we rounded up 8 favorite moments from our Queen in the North

Happy birthday, Sophie Turner! Today, February 21st, the Game of Thrones actress turns 24, and there’s a lot to celebrate. Joe Jonas posted his own birthday message, calling Turner the love of his life, and we feel that so hard. Turner, with all of her wine-chugging, fangirling, and tea-sipping, is definitely the love of most of the internet’s life, too. We’re only slightly jealous that Jonas gets to spend all of his days with her.

In honor of Turner’s milestone, we’re rounding up some of our favorite moments she’s given us since she entered our lives as a young Sansa Stark.

When she had the greatest Jumbotron moment of all time

You knew this was coming, so let’s get to it first. Turner made the most out of her brief cameo on a Jumbotron while at a hockey game by chugging her entire glass of wine. It was instantly iconic, and in this moment, we were all Joe watching her adoringly.

When Turner was Arya Stark’s biggest fan


Turner and Maisie Williams, who played Arya, are super tight in real life. So when Arya had her final season sex scene with Gendry on Game of Thrones, Turner was cheering her on the most. We’ll never think of Easter bunnies the same way again. But that wasn’t the only time she fangirled over her Stark sister. During Arya’s Big Moment with the Night King, Turner called her “that bitch.”

When she stealth-selfied a picture with Ryan Gosling

Honestly, who can blame her?

When she got an A+ for effort in skiing

“Absolutely shredding into 2019,” she captioned her Instagram video of her not-so-stellar skiing skills. Hey, a girl can’t have all the talents, can she?

When she took her Emmy-nominated talents to Jonas Brothers music videos

Look, we think the Jonas Brothers are great, sure. But everything they do only gets better when Sophie gets involved. She (along with sisters-in-law Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas) made Jonas Brothers music videos true events when they started joining the cast.

Watch Turner up the ante on “What A Man Gotta Do,” below. And be sure to stay for the outtakes when she accidentally kicks her husband in the face.

Then watch her in “Sucker,” below:

When she got really excited meeting “Chanandler Bong”

Turner once tweeted that “Chanandler Bong,” whom you all know as Matthew Perry, was nearby her apartment. And while that was great, even better was her explaining the tweet for a Twitter video. It turns out she was trying to flirt with the Friends actor, and she got adorably excited upon remembering the incident.

When she made quickie Las Vegas weddings cool again

We can never say that Las Vegas weddings are tacky every again—even when they’re performed by Elvis impersonators—now that Turner has given them her stamp of approval. She tied the knot with Jonas in a surprise ceremony right after the Billboard Music Awards in 2019, and thankfully, Diplo caught it on film.

When she clapped back at trolls making fun of her crying in public

After paparazzi posted a picture of Turner walking down the streets crying, arms wrapped around her husband on Jonas’s birthday, the tabloids blew up and Twitter trolls mocked her. We won’t circulate the personal photo, but we will celebrate Turner’s incredible clapback.

“Lol. Thank god I have a loving fiance,” Turner tweeted from her now-deleted account. “Periods are a bitch.” Hashtag relatable.

We’re wishing Sophie Turner the absolute happiest of birthdays. Our only sadness is that we won’t be invited to her inevitably amazing party.

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